Columba DeFelice

Respiratory Therapy Equipment:

While driving one day, Columba fell asleep briefly at the wheel and was very fortunate to have not been injured. As a result she underwent a sleep apnea test and was diagnosed with a 14 rating (the number of times she stops breathing each night). In response, she was issued a standard respiratory mask by another company, but found that after 2 months of struggling to use the equipment it was not helping. Through the encouragement of her family, she was referred to Mountaineer Home Medical. “They took the time to fit me with a mask that I could actually use and tolerate to wear. They provided me with multiple masks to test to make sure it would work this time.” Within two weeks of having the proper breathing equipment and custom fitting, Columba’s rating improved from a 14 to a 1. “It has truly made a huge impact on the quality of my life. Now I have energy to do the things I want and enjoy.”

In Columba’s own words … “I can’t say enough good things about Mountaineer Home Medical. The people are just wonderful, and they always take the time to ensure that the equipment is functioning properly. I couldn’t be more pleased with the reliable service or equipment, and will certainly use them for all my home medical needs.”